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This Case study of our branding and website design work for Casa Sanggers will hopefully explain how we worked with Casa Snaggers to achieve the final result, to give you an over view of how easy these projects run!

Casa Snaggers approached us earlier this year. They previously had no branding to speak of and also no web presence. The company offers a portfolio of property services for home owners and landlords, such as inventory lists, snagging reports and reports for the letting industry. As a company that operates in a market place filled with organisations all jostling to be noticed it was important that we came up with a very solid branding design and website that was clear, to the point and would set Casa Snaggers apart.


Initial Logo Drafts.tT

Many companies, particularly in the property industry, fall short in branding and either opt for a very run of the mill, safe, overtly corporate look or just do something so mind numbingly dull that they fade into obscurity. Fortunately Joe from Casa Sanggers was open to a more creative and lateral approach. We sent hime a set of ideas and he was drawn towards the more bright colourful appearance.  The logos we developed moved from a safe, corporate design style towards the final logo which was much more dynamic and bright, giving the company logo a more friendly feel without detracting from overall credibility.  We settled on an orange and yellow colour palette off set with very dark grey/black. This was the scheme across the entire project. The initial drafts above show you part of our design process.

With the logo designed we moved onto the stationery. With the back of the branding already broken this tends to be the easier part of a project, working out how the branding will translate from the logo into other mediums. The bright orange was used to full effect! We sent the stationery proofs to Joe and they were approved right away.


Finally the site. We love web design and rolled out a neat functional, fully responsive WordPress based site for Casa Snaggers. As with a lot of our new business clients budgets are restricted so we did our best to create as bespoke a site as possible, making sure the entire project came in on budget.  The site is fully responsive, which means it works on all devices and with over 50% of site visits being viewed on mobile devices it crucially important to make sure your website is viewable on mobiles. The site is concise, aims to give visitors an over view of what Casa Snaggers do and get them contacting for more information, ultimately drumming up that all important new business!  The entire site is manageable via a back end system, all text and images are editable. The site is also flexible in as much as extra content can be added as the site grows it list of services.


That was that. Upon final approval we talked Joe through how to manage his site’s content, sent final invoices and handed over the reigns. Since then Casa Snaggers have come back to us for more design work and we hope to work with them for a long time to come.

“On behalf of Casa Snaggers I would like to thank Richard and his team for their professional attitude during a personally difficult time for the family and the company. They remained very professional and produced an outstanding company logo and website four our up and coming business. I would highly recommend Type One Creative and will continue to maintain a professional relationship with them and continue to promote Type One Creative in the future”. – Joe M. (Director. Casa Snaggers)

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