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The Flatman Partnership is  a property company with its roots firmly set in the local Reading and Berkshire area. Its eye catching For Sale and To Let signs can be seen all over the area.

Incorporated in 2005 but with property roots going back to the mid seventies, The Flatman Partnership offers one of the most diverse range of property services and depth of expertise available in Reading and Langley today, and as a result has rapidly established itself as the frequent agent of choice for Property Professionals and experts in both the private and public sectors.

As a family run Independent business with a tightly knit, mature team and a vested interest in the Reading and Langley communities, the depth of client care is unrivalled.

The Flatman partnership asked us to overhaul their branding to help communicate the fact that the company was now in its tenth year of successful trading.

We did this by taking their existing logo and editing the colours to give it  a metallic, gold feel. This helped to lift the logo without having to redesign it to the extent where the logo’s original identity would be compromised.  The black and orange has been with the company from the start, so to reinvent the wheel colour-wise would only detract from the work already done with the brand’s recognition.

We came up with two designs, one being based around a house shape and one using the traditional square logo.  Other designs we tried incorporate circular shapes and a seal, bit the conclusion was that these moved too far form the brand. We added to the logo the ‘Tenth year Of trading’ banner and this along with the gold colouring was just right to give the brand a lift and communicate the idea of a successful local, property business coming to the end of its first decade.

As well as the brand development we also created a couple of advertising concepts for the company to use as flyers, adverts and online where needed.  These communicated the idea of a family run business offering a personable and warm service. We used imagery that showed a togetherness, friendship and family orientated values.

for more information on The Flatman Partnership please go to their website  http://www.flatmans.com/

Brand design for FLatman Partnership Reading