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Just like the analog radio, web design has moved on. If you don’t keep up you will loose business.


Gone are the days of static websites. Those old fashioned image heavy websites were great in the days of desktop only browsing. Designers didn’t have to think as much about how a website would display, as generally if it looked good on the main browsers and on a standard monitor you would good to go. Rotating Gif animations and flash banners galore.. Then came smart phones!

Things have changed recently, in a big way.  It is well established that any business needs a website, it is your virtual shop front, a first impression to customers, a check point that more and more people are using all the time. Recent stats suggest up to 80% of potential customers will check you out online before doing business with you!  The important thing to now consider is how are the accessing your website. More than likely it will be on a mobile device.

Old style static sites generally struggle with mobile devices. They are static so don’t move and ‘respond’ to the dimensions of the screen. Very often the user will struggle to scroll around and navigate through your site, which will in the end have them browsing off somewhere else, business lost!  Latest figures show that 60% of total browsing time is spent on mobile devices. So in theory, at the worst case is you could be loosing up to 60% of online business! Thats a huge chunk to gamble on.


What is Responsive Design?

Chances are if you site has been designed pre 2013 it wont be responsive. If you look at your site and resize your browser and content does not automatically restructure itself to fit on the screen, you have Flash animation and haven’t had an update for a few years then you generally aren’t responsive. Sorry!

Here are aspects that also feature on responsive sites:

  • Full automatic responsive restructure of site to fit devices.
  • No Flash content and other media that doesn’t work on mobile operating systems.
  • Proper mobile redirects and mobile 404 pages.
  • Fast mobile page load times.
  • No full-screen interstitials that block mobile page views.


Still not convinced?

Thats ok. There is one other thing to consider. How people find your site. Most people use search engines to find companies, Google being the main one. From April 2015 Google has stated that it’s search engine algorithms (i.e. the criteria it uses to rank your site) will take into consideration responsiveness.  Where Google leads the rest follow.  Meaning that if your site is not responsive not only will it put people off, it may not even get found in the first place!


What to do..

If you find yourself in this position and have the foresight to rectify it before it is too late then we are happy to help. We can take your current site and redesign it to fit a responsive system. Not only are responsive sites great functionally they also offer some really cool design options that will completely rejuvenate your online presence. Our sites also include CMS (content management system), meaning you can update your own content very easily.

Contact us today to see how we can help